Credit: Kevin McKidd on Twitter Photo: Kevin McKidd Edits Himself on Grey's Anatomy

As we Grey’s Anatomy fans already know, Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) is clearly a man of many talents. Not only did he direct season 10’s eighth episode (“Two Against One”), but he’s also in the process of editing it, too. Impressed yet?

And while editing, Kevin was kind enough to tweet a picture while he was working on trimming down an Owen scene. “Surreal moment editing yourself in the ep of @GreysABC you directed,” he said. “Ep #1008 almost complete.”

So what do we love most about the pic? It reveals that Owen’s obviously dressed up and having a moment with someone — but who?

Our money is on Emma (played by Shameless’s Marguerite Moreau), the cute surgeon who chatted up Owen at the fundraising gala. Last week, we found out she’ll be sticking around for awhile, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see even more sparks fly between these two soon.

We already know there’s going to be some “major fallout” in the near future when Cristina (Sandra Oh) leaves the hospital and finally has to break ties with Owen for good — as much as we don’t want Cristina to go, that’s a scene we can’t wait to see.

Who do you think Owen’s having a moment with — Emma, Cristina, or somebody totally different? Let us know what you think below!

Source: Kevin McKidd on Twitter