Better savor the last three Grey's Anatomy episodes airing this year… because we'll have a while to wait before the second half of Season 10 returns in 2014.

ABC touts that the show will return from its midseason hiatus on February 27, 2014.

Why such a long break? The reasons are twofold. Grey's, along with most scripted broadcast series, doesn't air episodes during the holidays, since ABC wants you to spend time with your loved ones during this joyous season. Ha! Just kidding. ABC would probably prefer you in front of the telly but knows that everyone is too busy with the holidays to tune in.

But ABC is also putting off the returns of a lot of its hits to try out new shows in their timeslots. For example, new cooking competition The Taste will occupy Grey's Anatomy's Thursday night roost — airing from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. starting on January 2.

Back in August, ABC announced that it would split Grey's into two streaks of 12 episodes each. That means that Season 10, Episode 12 — entitled "Get Up, Stand Up" — will be the highly-anticipated mid-season finale. It's set to air on December 12.

We'll be in serious withdrawal after that installment, but we guess having nonstop Grey's action this spring is worth the wait!

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