Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Photo: Jason Winston George ‏(Ben Warren, Bailey’s Husband) Reacts to Season 9 Finale

When Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) husband, Ben (Jason George) made his return, we thought she’d be thrilled, but it turns out, it’s the opposite — instead of being excited that she gets to see her husband every day (at home and at work), she’s mad that he dropped out of his intern program to move back to Seattle.

And being that Bailey’s acting very decidedly un-Bailey lately, we’re assuming some of that has to do with Ben’s return, right?

Maybe — especially since we know Jason’s back on set this week... and we know that they're filming the midseason finale this week!

On Wednesday, Jason tweeted, “On set of @GreysABC and starting to get nervous about making it to tonight’s show of #12AngryMen. #ItWillWorkOut.”

Sidenote: In case you didn’t know, Jason’s starring in a production of the classic movie, 12 Angry Men, about prejudice in the legal system in the fifties.

So now that we know Jason’s going to be on our screens way more often, we hope we get to find out what Bailey’s going through soon — and some resolution for her and her husband! Whatever’s happening, we know it’s going to be super dramatic. This is Grey’s Anatomy, after all. Please, please, please let them work this one out. We couldn’t bear to see Bailey go through another divorce!

What do you think the drama between Ben and Bailey will be? Let us know below!

Source: Twitter