Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Photo: Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt)

Grey’s Anatomy’s Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) could definitely be labeled as a thrill seeker, but his adventures don’t always go as planned.

Two summers ago, Kevin flew a small plane with Colin McGregor — aka Ewan McGregor’s brother — during one of his trips back to his hometown in Scotland, and Kevin and his pal almost crashed!

Need details? Kevin sat down with Queen Latifah recently to explain what happened… in his dreamy Scottish accent, of course.

“[Colin] was like, ‘Do you want to come out and fly a plane?’ And I said, ‘OK,’ thinking it was gonna be a jet plane, and it was this old Second World War plane,” Kevin explained. “So we get up there, and I’m flying around, and it’s beautiful, and he says, ‘Now you’re gonna take control!’”

And this, Kevin says, is where it all went wrong.

“I grabbed [the steering wheel], and the plane starts to dive!” Kevin recalled (with lively arm motions). “And I managed to pull it back up. He’s got his own set of controls, so I was OK … Ewan texted me and said, ‘I heard my brother messed with you a little bit.’”

Diehard fans might remember when Kevin posted photos from the day he flew the plane — including one of the plane itself and a pre-flight selfie.

Be careful, Kevin! We’ve lost enough of the Grey’s Anatomy cast of characters to a tragic plane crash already.

Source: Queen Latifah on YouTube, Twitter