No fake social media holiday will ever top Throwback Thursday, but we’ll admit that now that one of our favorite Grey’s Anatomy stars is getting in on the game, Transformation Tuesday is coming in at a close second.

So who showed off their journey from adorable kid to beautiful grown-up this week? Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres)!

Sara shared three photos side by side of herself from childhood, in her young adult years, and today — and even baby Sara had that same gorgeous face we know and love today! And how did her smile get even more perfect over the years? The usual suspect: braces.

“#ThankUBraces & ThoseWhoPaidForThem,” Sara tweeted. “#GRATITUESDAY #Transformation Complete.”

Speaking of throwbacks, Sara recently revealed that as a teen, she totally idolized Janet Jackson — to the point where she would practice her dance moves in the mirror. Is there video footage of this somewhere? Maybe her teenage Janet choreography is what inspired her future underwear dancing scenes on Grey’s! Another one of Sara's biggest inspirations? Broadway legend Patti Lupone.

Either way — braces or not — we still think Sara's gorgeous. More throwback photos, please!

What do you think of these photos of a younger Sara? Sound off below!

Source: Twitter