Credit: Rennae Stubbs on Instagram Photo: Rennae Stubbs, a Cat Guy, and Kevin McKidd

Catman Begins? It looks like Grey's Anatomy will get a strange-looking character in an upcoming episode by the looks of this Instagram photo.

Aussie tennis champ Rennae Stubbs posted the snapshot on December 9 as she hung out with pal Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) on the Grey's set, writing, "Lookout for the character in a future show! #catman #greys."

The cast is shooting either Episode 13 or 14, so you can expect the guy to pop up when the show returns from its winter hiatus in February.

One Instagram commenter noted that the whiskered dude might be played by Brian Howe, an actor who actually starred in Kevin's previous TV show, NBC's Journeyman.

This catlike fella wouldn't be the first feline-faced character on the show. Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemons portrayed patient Jake Burton in the Grey's Season 2 episode "Yesterday" — a character whose craniodiaphyseal dysplasia gave him the a unique profile he himself described as lion-like.

But this new guy looks like he worked hard to achieve his cat face — with a widened nose and cheeks, a cleft palate with fake whiskers, elongated fangs, and striped tattoos.

And this art imitates life, if you can believe. A Nevada resident named Dennis Avner underwent countless body modifications to make himself look like a cat, for example.

In any case, this Grey Sloan guest better be careful: humans don't exactly have nine lives.

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