Credit: Camilla Luddington's Twitter Photo: Camilla Luddington Shares Scrubs Selfie From Season 10

Grey’s Anatomy’s Jo Wilson, played by Camilla Luddington, may be our favorite of the interns — and Camilla herself is one of our favorite additions to the cast. But since Camilla hasn’t been around for as long as most of the cast, we haven’t gotten the chance to know her too well.

Until today, that is! Camilla shared tons of fun facts about herself with BuzzFeed this week about everything from her celebrity girl crush to her last Google search — and now we kinda want to be her BFF.

Here are some of our favorite things we learned about Camilla:

  • Her favorite drink: “A super dirty Absolut martini. If they have bleu cheese olives too then it’s perfection.” Camilla’s not messing around with her cocktails!

  • She’s getting her older brother a huge 3D TV for Christmas. “And by ‘getting him’ I mean he completely made that up,” Camilla said. “I told him the only gift he’ll get this year are the 3D glasses. That I made. From paper. ‘You’re welcome.’”

  • The other Grey’s Anatomy cast members make her laugh out loud, especially when Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) showed her a picture of him dressed as leprechaun for his Throwback Thursday pic!  

  • Girl crush? “Winona Rider circa the ‘90s.”

  • Camilla’s a Lizzie McGuire girl — she chose the show over Hannah Montana. Can’t beat that classic!

  • The details about her first kiss: “Under a table at a party when I was 13,” Camilla revealed. “And it was very very bad.” Aren’t they always, though?

Which fact about Camilla are you most surprised by? Share with us below!

Source: BuzzFeed