As shameless Japril shippers, we admit that we cheered out loud when Jackson (Jesse Williams) declared his love for April (Sarah Drew) in the middle of her wedding on Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Episode 12 (“Get Up, Stand Up”). Cliché? Yes. Awesome? Also, yes.

We'll have to wait until February 27 to see how April responds to Jackson's unorthodox move, but if we were in her place, there is no way we wouldn't be running into Jackson's arms (sorry, Matthew).

Here are five reasons we hope April throws caution to the wind and choses Jackson.

1. He loves everything about her. We totally believe that Matthew loves April, but Jackson has been her friend, and occasional lover, for years. He's seen every single side of her, the good and the bad, and he loves it all. That's truly special.

2. They have undeniable chemistry. Sure, April and Matthew are cute together, but April and Jackson set the screen on fire. You don't pass up a spark like that, especially not when you're sparking with someone who's also a good match.

3. They're BFFs. Doesn't everyone always say you should marry your best friend? Do it, April.

4. He was willing to take a risk for her. As we said, interrupting a wedding to declare your love is a bit cliché. Still, it's also a brave move, especially when you're risking getting shot down in front of all of your coworkers.

5. Look at him. OK, fine, paramedic Matthew ain't exactly hard on the eyes, either. But who could turn down a good guy who looks like Jesse Williams? Not us, anyway.

Who do you think April should pick? Let us know in the comments below!

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