Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) quickly won us over when she first joined Grey's Anatomy in Season 2 with her equal flair for comedy and drama — and her proof that not all TV stars have to be a size 2.

And though she readily admits to having gained and lost weight during her tenure so far on the show, she's preaching a message of self-confidence no matter what your body type is, giving four tips to health and happiness to Glamour.

For example, lose weight if you want to, but don't ditch all the foods you love. "Wearing scrubs on Grey's Anatomy is awesome, but I will also go to a table read of an episode and find that in four days I have to be dancing in my underwear!" she says. "If you want pizza, have it. [But] if you have too much or feel crappy afterward, own that choice. And if you don't want to feel that way again, you know what to do."

And enough with the comparisons already, Sara says: "Stop cursing yourself for having wide hips or not being as skinny-mini as that girl in the pink shorts at the gym. You're ultimately saying, 'I'm not good enough. How can I be more like them?' If there's something you don't like about yourself, stop comparing yourself to others and focus on you. Be the best you."

For more of her advice, head on over to Glamour. Meanwhile, we're gonna get back to bowing down to our Sara Ramirez shrine — we love that woman!

Source: Glamour

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