Credit: Charley Gallay/ Getty Images Photo: Shonda Rhimes Reacts to Season 10

Grey’s Anatomy fans, prepare for your minds to be… glown?

At least, that’s what creator and showrunner Shonda Rhimes says about the return of Grey’s next month — with a little help from auto-correct, that is.

“Just read a mind-glowingly delightful upcoming #GreysAnatomy script,” Shonda tweeted on January 17. “It’s coming, people. IT IS COMING.”

“And yeah, I said mind-glowingly,” she later added. “Not that I meant to. My auto-type is aggressive. But I stand by it.”

We stand by it, too. Although what Shonda really meant was “mind-blowing,” we’ll admit that Grey’s has made our minds glow on more than one occasion. So now we’re left to wonder: what is it, exactly, that’s coming up for us?

We already know that we can expect a “major plot point” for one of the show’s longtime couples that may include a change of locale, and that Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) will be doing something so crazy a stunt double is required. Maybe what Shonda’s hinting at has to do with one of those things?

Now would also be a good time to update your countdowns — there are only 37 days left until we find out the answers to all the burning questions the midseason finale left us with… especially if April (Sarah Drew) chooses Jackson (Jesse Williams) or Matthew (Justin Bruening)!

What do you think Shonda’s referring to when she says it is coming?’ Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Twitter