Credit: Kevin McKidd on Twitter Photo: The Many Selfies of Kevin McKidd

This week, Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) is back in the director’s chair on Grey’s Anatomy as he calls the shots on Episode 19, and it sounds like he’s up for quite a challenge. Kevin will have to do what few have done on the Grey’s set before: direct a scene that encompasses the entire cast.

“Day 3 directing @GreysABC — huge scene with every character in it,” Kevin tweeted Thursday morning. “Let’s ‘ave it! ;)”

Later, he tweeted a photo of a room with chairs arranged for each cast member — 12 chairs in all — as they prepped to film the scene. Um, yeah, this is going to be a big undertaking.

So now we’re left to figure out what this scene could possibly be. Our ideas? Possibly another wedding, a party, or a big gathering of some sort… or a super huge, high-profile medical case that everyone wants in on. Maybe Derek and the rest of the hospital have been invited to a gala in his honor at the White House?

Whatever the scene is, we know Kevin will make us proud. Besides, with such a talented cast, directing must be a breeze.

What kind of scene do you think would bring the whole cast together? Sound off below!

Source: Twitter

Credit: Twitter Photo: Kevin McKidd Directs a Huge Scene With The Whole Cast