Credit: Danny Feld/ABC © 2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Photo: Arizona Robbins, Leah Murphy, and Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Episode 1: "Seal Our Fate"

Was it just us, or was the Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Leah (Tessa Ferrer) hook-up storyline on Grey’s Anatomy totally out of left field? At first, we had no idea where Grey’s was going with it, but eventually, it made a lot of sense to us: Arizona needed to feel desirable again, without her leg. It ended unfortunately for Leah, though, and when we left her in the midseason finale, she was still trying to deal with the emotional baggage their fling left her.

But there’s one oversight we’ve made in analyzing their relationship: the short-lived couple never kissed. And we never would have noticed had Jessica Capshaw herself not pointed it out.

“You know what’s interesting? Arizona and Leah never even kissed on-screen,” Jessica said in a recent interview with TV Line. “The relationship was implied and they were in bed together, but but they never kissed.”

Jessica’s right: These two totally Pretty Woman-ed it, and it slipped right by us. Maybe that was a contributing factor to why the relationship ended just as soon as it began… other than the fact that Callie (Sara Ramirez) realized she was ready to try and make her marriage to Arizona work again.

“[Their affair] never felt like it was really contending with whatever she had with Callie; it was kind of this filler,” Jessica added. “And so I think that Arizona — and again, this doesn’t reflect very well on her — unceremoniously started the fling and then sort of unceremoniously ended it.”

While we had a feeling that we hadn’t seen the end of Callie and Arizona, we feel so bad for poor Leah every time we’re reminded of how hurt their hook-ups left her. We’ve all been there, girl!

Did you realize Leah and Arizona never kissed? Do you think that’s why their relationship was doomed from the start?

Source: TV Line