Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images Photo: How Old Is Camilla Luddington?

California residents experienced a rude awakening this morning: an earthquake! Aren’t Mondays bad enough without a scary wake-up call? As Twitter quickly flooded with literally thousands of reactions to the quake, Grey’s Anatomy’s Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson) chimed in with what she felt at her house.

“Okay so my heart is racing right now from the earthquake that just jolted my bed so hard,” Camilla tweeted.

We don’t blame her! According to the Los Angeles Times, the quake that struck LA and originated from Westwood, California, had a magnitude of 4.4 and a depth of 5.3 miles — which means residents definitely felt the after-effects of the jolt when it hit around 6:25 a.m. PT.

Fortunately, the LAPD reports that there have been no injuries or damage so far due to the earthquake, although they’re still doing routine checks to make sure everyone and everything is okay. Phew. Feeling the earthquake (especially while you’re asleep) must have been a little terrifying, but we’re glad nobody was hurt!

Besides, Camilla’s never been a fan of earthquakes in general. In January, she tweeted about another earthquake that inconsiderately woke her up. Come on, nature. Let Camilla sleep!

Source: Twitter, LA Times