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It sounds like something Shonda Rhimes & Co. would have written for Grey's Anatomy, but in this case, truth is stranger than fiction.

As The Washington Post reports, a 47-year-old Seattle-based anaesthesiologist named Arthur K. Zilberstein has had his license suspended for allegedly sending innuendo-filled text messages and explicit selfies while on the job.

That's right: He was sexting during surgeries.

The Washington State Department of Health released its findings on the case in June, including a list of close to 250 text messages he sent while participating in Cesarean deliveries, pediatric appendectomies, epidurals, and other operations.

During one stomach surgery, he reportedly sent 45 racy text messages in the span of 90 minutes. And then during a Caesarean operation, he wrote, "I'm hella busy with C sections."

A 47-year-old using the word "hella" sounds like a punishable offense by itself, we'd say. But it gets worse…

He also sent a patient photos of himself with his, ahem, instrument exposed.

OK, maybe we're wrong. Maybe the Grey's writers would never stoop so low.

Source: The Washington Post

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