Credit: Ron Tom/© 2011 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Callie and Arizona at the Baby Shower on Grey's Anatomy, March 24, 2011

Yes, "This Is How We Do It" was the title of Grey's Anatomy Season 7, Episode 17 (March 24, 2011), and you can stop your Montell Jordan impressions right now. Anyway, if you missed the last 30 seconds of this episode, you might have thought this was a fairly tame episode. But fear not, we've got the skinny on the cliffhanger ending — and the hour of Grey's drama preceding it. And FYI, the watchword for this week's dilemmas is: self-consciousness. Read on.

The end of... Stapril? Alex spots April and Stark flirting, and calls her out on it in front of the other residents. After they insinuate that she's sleeping her way to the top, April ditches her date with him. And that's too bad, because for the first time, we were actually liking Stark in this episode! (And even worse, April is constantly walking in on Jackson and Lexie making out all over the place.)

Credit: Ron Tom/© 2011 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Teddy and Henry Share a Moment on Grey's Anatomy, March 24, 2011

Henry's heart: Henry (Teddy's on-paper husband) is rushed to the hospital after having a cardiac event whilst (stupidly) jogging. He takes the chance to ask out Teddy (Kim Raver) right in front of Richard and Cristina, whose reactions are priceless. Cristina operates on him while Teddy nervously hovers and backseat-operates. Afterward, he says all kinds of flattering things to Teddy that would have totally won us over, but Teddy makes him stop. And then she tells him that them falling in love is just a nice story, not reality. Lies!

Credit: Ron Tom/© 2011 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: The Chief and Cristina Get Intense on Grey's Anatomy, March 24, 2011

Chief concerns: Richard (James Pickens Jr.) tries to force Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to add Adele to his clinical trial, but Derek says nuh-huh. But then, one of Derek's patients drops out the trial (for the sake of her son's love life, no less). After a fair bit of convincing, Adele agrees to take the test. She passes, but only by one point, making her ineligible for the trial even though her score is so low that Alzheimer's is a near-certainty. She has a angry/hurt/self-pitying breakdown... and Loretta Devine's performance? Breaks. Our. Hearts.

Rebels with a cause: Bailey's patient Clara has type-2 diabetes and had to have a tumor removed. She's in desperate need of the eyelet cell transplant, so Richard seeks an emergency FDA waiver for the experimental procedure. But Clara goes downhill, so they go ahead with the surgery without the approval (which did eventually come), and Clara turns out fine. Bailey and Eli argue throughout the case, but that just leads to a steamy make-up/makeout in the parking lot.

The opposite of nepotism? The residents are trying to get into Richard's trial and to impress him in hopes of becoming Chief Resident. Alex even moved his trailer to the hospital's parking lot. Fed up with the insanity, Bailey forces him to either pick a resident or to pick someone to pick. So Richard picks Owen, and Cristina freaks, knowing there's no way he could choose her now. (Could this be the start of their marital problems we've been buzzing about?)

Credit: Ron Tom/© 2011 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Karev and Lucy at the Baby Shower on Grey's Anatomy, March 24, 2011

In other news: Lucy kisses Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) outside of his trailer. Did anyone not see this coming?

Kiss kiss bang bang: Callie (Sara Ramirez) has a baby shower, which Mark (Eric Dane) is oddly enthusiastic about — way more so than Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), anyway. Callie thanks the latter with a weekend getaway at a B&B. As they drive, Arizona reveals herself to be jealous of Callie's relationship with Mark, so she goes all in and proposes marriage. But she has taken her eyes off the road for too long, and the last thing we see is her slamming on the brakes before we hear the stomach-turning sound of crashing metal. And... cue musical episode!


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