Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber

Don't own every season of Grey's on DVD? (We're disappointed, but we forgive you.) Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the inexplicable urge to watch the bomb squad episode? Well, you can now view the Meredith/Izzy/Cristina shower scene to your heart's content online. While only streams the most recent episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Disney has agreed to stream the entire series on Netflix. So, with a Netflix account, you'll be able to watch any Grey's Anatomy episode you want online, instantly.

New episodes will show up on Netflix about 15 days after the show first airs (and, most likely, after has stopped streaming it).

We suggest you start composing a list of your favorite episodes to flash back to on sick days now.

Source: Net News Check


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