Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: Callie Torres Recovers on Grey's Anatomy April 28, 2011

Remember that time a couple of episodes ago on Grey's Anatomy when pregnant Callie (Sara Ramirez) went through a windshield and barely survived? Yeah, we do, too. So why doesn't the show seem to remember? We couldn't help noticing that all traces of the accident were gone in last night's episode (Season 7, Episode 20: May 5, 2011).

Callie's ginormous chest scar had miraculously vanished. She was fully ambulatory and had full use of all her limbs and extremities. And no one even mentioned that major trauma, not even Callie's parents, whom we'd expect to be super-protective. So what gives? Was there a huge time jump between the previous episode and this one? Or did Callie break the world record for physical and psychological recovery?