According to Star Magazine, a source dished that Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) accentuates his dreamy baby blues with a little help from his wife's makeup kit. Apparently, he's a fan of the false eyelashes. Ha! Busted. (But, seriously, how does he operate with those? Oh right, not a real doctor. Never mind.)

"He borrows false lashes from his wife, Jill," claimed the source. "He wears them all the time — even to his son's Little League games!"

Only in Hollywood... Of course, when Dempsey's rep was contacted for response, he called the rumor "silly" and wondered if Star ever published anything that was true. Oh well. Myth debunked, we suppose. Still, his lashes are curiously feathery and lush for a boy...

And we still aren't convinced that Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) doesn't wear fake eyelashes, either.

Source: Rumor Fix


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