Credit: Andrew H. Walker/ Getty Images Photo: Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata, formerly of Rescue Me, will appear in the second half of this season of Grey's Anatomy as Bailey's love interest, Nurse Eli. You may remember him as the nurse who cracked Bailey's fistula mystery, with whom she consents to go on a date. Entertainment Weekly named him one of their 11 People to Watch In 2011, since he'll be "appearing indefinitely" on Grey's for the rest of the season.

He'll also co-star opposite Grey's alum Katherine Heigl this summer in One for the Money, a flick in which he plays a bounty hunter who has to show rookie Heigl the ropes. Sounds suspiciously like the plot of Killers to us, but we can't wait to see him and Bailey steam up the small screen.

Source: Entertainment Weekly