Credit: Nate Jones and Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News Photo: Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane Stroll Hand-in-Hand to Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles on August 28, 2010

It looks like Eric Dane is joining the mommy clique on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. His six-month old Billie Beatrice has dear old dad wrapped around her little finger at home. He’s totally morphed into a germophobic baby-proofing machine, saying, “I thought that I was gonna be a let-‘em-get-dirty kinda dad, but the second you come into my house, I bring you to the sink, I show you the soap and then the hand sanitizer, and then I follow you around with baby wipes.” We bet the moms on set get a kick out of McSteamy’s over-protective daddy act. He’s ditched the bad boy gig, too, getting rid of his motorcycle, but, as for the rest of his toys? “I kept the Porsche,” he flatly responds.

Dane takes all the credit for the unusual baby name. "[My wife] was convinced we were having a boy and I said 'Great, we will name him after my father, Billy' and when we found out it was a girl I said 'Great, we will name her after my father, Billy,” he quipped, "Beatrice is after her grandmother." Well, it absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt beats Sloane Sloan.

Source: USA Today


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