While it's sad to see beloved regulars and fun guest stars leave Grey's Anatomy, we always enjoy spotting familiar faces on new shows. We were excited to see the Hollywood Reporter report that former Grey's actress Rachael Taylor has been picked to star in an exciting new project.

As you probably remember, Rachael played Dr. Lucy Fields, one of Alex's (Justin Chambers) many failed romances, during Grey's Season 7.

Since her stint on Grey's, Rachael has landed some major TV roles, but they haven't panned out. She starred in Charlie's Angels and 666 Park Avenue, both of which were cancelled within the first 13 episodes.

Despite her bad luck, Rachael is clearly leading lady material. Now she'll have another shot at hitting it big with a new NBC pilot, in which she'll star opposite one of our favorite TV actresses, The X Files' Gillian Anderson.
The untitled project is a thriller from Rand Ravich. It will focus on "an unlikely puppeteer who will bring everyone from CEOs to the president of the United States to their knees by threatening the things they hold most dear."

Gillian Anderson plays a powerful CEO whose daughter is kidnapped in a mass abduction. Rachael plays her estranged sister, an FBI agent who is, of course, in charge of the kidnapping case.

Sounds like a potentially thrilling project, and with a cast like that we're already on board. Here's to hoping it gets picked up!

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Source: Hollywood Reporter