Credit: WENN Photo: Arizona Robbins Small
Ranking: 9
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: She resuscitates her relationship with Callie and even agrees to have children with her. Way to compromise, girl!
The bad: Arizona's kind of a wuss when Big Bad Mr. Clark comes 'round. Couldn't she have knocked with a swift kick from her wheelie sneakers?
Credit: WENN Photo: Teddy Altman Small
Ranking: 10
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: Teddy gives Mr. Clark a nickname ("People-Shooting-Hat Guy"), and she performs surgery on Alex, which presumably goes well. To top it all off, she convinces Owen to choose Cristina. How self-sacrificing is that?
The bad: Not a lot, but she does lose out on Owen.
Credit: WENN Photo: Alex Karev Small
Ranking: 11
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: Well, he's in the finale for about two seconds before he gets shot, so he doesn't have time to do much good. But at least he has the sense to get himself on the elevator... and extol the virtues of bacon. (Mmmmm, bacon.)
The bad: Well, he gets shot, which is never a plus. And then he breaks Lexie's heart by mistaking her for Izzie and whimpering on about how he wants Izzie back.
Credit: WENN Photo: Mark Sloan Small
Ranking: 12
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: He helps save Alex, but...
The bad: Lexie's heart still belongs to Alex, and Mark has to bear witness when she tells Alex she loves him. Painful!
Credit: WENN Photo: Lexie Grey Small
Ranking: 13
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: She helps save Alex, and she doesn't get shot — but the latter part is just dumb luck.
The bad: Her love life has become even more pitiful now that her boyfriend has professed his love for another woman. Ouch, that's gotta sting.
Credit: WENN Photo: Derek Shepherd Small
Ranking: 7
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: He's thisclose to talking Mr. Clark down, but...
The bad: Then he gets shot, and Meredith, Cristina, Owen, and Jackson all risk their lives to save him. And, to a certain degree, his lack of emotion at the legal proceedings earlier this season probably convinced Mr. Clark to go crazy with his gun.
Credit: Danny Feld/ABC via Getty Images Photo: Callie Torres in Season 6
Ranking: 8
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: She fends off Mr. Clark and reunites with Arizona. Oh, and she gets her wish for a big family. Way to stick to your guns, C!
The bad: Callie doesn't really do much to stop Mr. Clark. Couldn't she have laced those bandages with some sort of tranquilizer before forking them over?
Credit: WENN Photo: Seattle Grace Meets Mercy West, Season 6, Episode 5, "Invasion"
After Mr. Clark did his damage at Seattle Grace-Mercy West, how did our doctors fare? Who's ruling the hospital halls, and who is — figuratively and literally — in critical condition? Find out in our post-Season 6 finale Power Rankings. (BTW, we're including new series regulars April and Jackson. One of 'em is squarely on the bottom of the heap.)
Credit: WENN Photo: Richard Webber Small
Ranking: 1
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: He seems to have conquered his alcoholism once and for all. He convinces Mr. Clark to commit suicide rather than shoot him, and he flirts with a diner waitress. Boo-yah! The Chief is back!
The bad: He's stuck outside the hospital for most of the ordeal. But who cares — the Chief is back!
Credit: WENN Photo: Meredith Grey Small
Ranking: 3
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: Meredith acts heroically: She tells Mr. Clark to take her life and spare those of Derek, Lexie, and Richard. She also soldiers through her own trauma to save Owen. And she's uncharacteristically bright-and-shiny when she finds out she's pregnant at the start of the day, but...
The bad: The stress of the day causes her to miscarry.
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images Photo: Miranda Bailey in Season 6
Ranking: 4
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: Bailey's quick thinking (and quick lying) keeps her and Mandy Moore — oops — her patient from being shot. And she comforts Charles after he wasn't so lucky.
The bad: Cut off from the operating rooms — damned elevators! — she's powerless to save Charles.
Credit: WENN Photo: Jackson Avery Small
Ranking: 5
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: Jackson suggests that Cristina operate on Derek, and J's fast action fools Mr. Clark into thinking that Derek's dead, but...
The bad: That little charade kinda sorta causes Meredith's miscarriage. Well, damn — no good deed goes unpunished!
Credit: WENN Photo: Owen Hunt Small
Ranking: 6
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: Owen bravely enters the OR to try to reason with Mr. Clark and save both Cristina and Derek. Later, he and Cristina seem to reconcile.
The bad: Owen is kinda wishy-washy when deciding between Cristina and Teddy. Oh, and he gets himself shot.
Credit: Danny Feld/ABC via Getty Images Photo: April Kepner in Season 6
Ranking: 14 (out of 14)
Last week's ranking: N/A
The good: She has a heart-to-heart with Meredith, she helps Meredith operate on Owen, and she talks her way out of getting shot with Oprah-like finesse.
The bad: She loses her best friend, and she idiotically barges in right when Derek seems to be talking Mr. Clark down from his violent rampage.