Jackson (Jesse Williams) seems to have grown a backbone, big time, on Grey's Anatomy Season 9. We've seen him stand up to Richard (James Pickens Jr.) (over appropriate boundaries when it comes to Richard's relationship with Jackson's mom) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) (over medicine).

Now, based on a sneak peek photo of Season 9, Episode 14: "The Face of Change," it looks like he'll be taking a stand against another older doc.

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As you can see in the picture above, Jackson seems to be in a fight with Owen (Kevin McKidd), who also has Dr. Cahill at his side. In the photo Jackson looks very confrontational. Is he mad about a change Dr. Cahill is instituting? 

Also of note: Owen is in a suit in the photo, as if he's about to go in front of the board, or do some other formal, non-medical task. Hmmm...

Interestingly, Jackson also looks annoyed while in a conversation with Intern Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) in the photo (also from Episode 14) to the right. 

What do you think has Jackson in such a bad mood?

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