Relationships come and go, characters die or move on to other shows, but one thing we can always count on with Grey's Anatomy is that the music will be great. So check out the tunes from Season 9, Episode 11: "The End Is the Beginning Is the End." If you download these songs, perhaps you, too, will have the perfect soundtrack when you have to move on with your life.

Artist: Serena Ryder
Song: Stompa
Scene: Opening montage
People, working every night and day
Never give yourself no time
Got too many bills to pay
Slow down, nothing’s gonna disappear
If you give yourself some room
To move to the music you hear

Artist: The Mynabirds
Song: "Disaster"
Scene: Ping-pong!
Hold on hold on hold on
Just a minute longer
I got I got your back
I promise to keep you from going under

Artist: The Engineers feat. Mark Peters
Song: "What It's Worth"
Scene: Richard (James Pickens Jr.) and Catherine talk.
So you take
Something that you have to say
And you throw
Some part of your love away

Artist: Left Hand Smoke
Song: "Shine on Everything"
Scene: Closing montage
Note by note
Line by line
Put it up for sale

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