Tonight’s episode of Grey's Anatomy, Season 9, Episode 4: "I Saw Her Standing There," featured a lot of sex, love, and awkward moments. It just wouldn’t be Grey’s if there weren’t doctors sweating through their scrubs while trying to pretend they’re not sleeping with each other, as Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) did around Karev (Justin Chambers), and as Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) mother Catherine and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) did while performing surgery on extremely enlarged testicles with Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

Here are the songs that helped us enjoy all of those moments!

Song: “Forever Drunk”
Artist: Miss Li
Scene: The opening scene where Meredith and Derek are in bed.
“I am stumblin' out of bed
With an aching head
Hip hurray's and yesterdays
Seem so far away
I've been wasting my time
Trying hard to ease the troubles of mine.”

Song: “Moving On”
Artist: Calahan
Scene: Callie and Owen talk at the bar.
“Have I already lost you, (I don’t want to lose you) are you already gone?
Have I already lost you, (I don’t want to lose you) or are you just moving on?
On bended knee, only you hold the key to the door.
Can this impede, don’t you think about me anymore?”

Song: “I’ll Never Forget You”
Artist: Birdy
Scene: Closing scenes.
“Eighty-Six Charlie, he came back
Said he'd been thinking it over
Said he's had a change of heart
He thinks he's made a grave mistake

But I, I'll never forget you
I'll never forget you
You make things so easy
I'll never forget you.”

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