Relationships come and go, characters die or move on to other shows, but one thing we can always count on with Grey's Anatomy is that the music will be great. So check out the tunes from Season 9, Episode 7: "I Was Made for Lovin’ You." If you download these songs, perhaps you, too, will have the perfect soundtrack when huge life changed hit you.

Artist: Milo Greene
Song: "1957"
Album: Milo Greene
Scene: Opening scene.
Your house that sits behind me
Is covered in ivy green
The windows that we watch from
Are old and chipping at the beam.

Artist: Katie Herzig
Song: "Let You Go"
Album: Let You Go - single
Scene: Richard and Owen talk.

Artist: The Soft Pack
Song: "Mexico"
Album:  The Soft Pack
Scene: In the bar.
All these people seem to want to run away
Always travel all the time, not belonging
I think its best you know "I'm" think the story goes
Don't tell me if you're leaving cause I don't wanna know

Artist: Matt Hires
Song: "Signal in the Sky"
Album: Signal in the Sky - single
Scene: Closing montage.
Say, say anything
Your eyes tell all that you won't show
The record's spinning
While you dance with your temporary ghost.

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