As we saw on Season 9, Episode 7: "I Was Made for Lovin’ You," April Kepner's (Sarah Drew) inability to think before she speaks, especially about matters of the heart, can get her in trouble. That's been her biggest problem in her relationship with Jackson (Jesse Williams), and now it's lead to him ending things because she hurt his feelings one too many times.

Will she ever learn to filter herself?

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A fan recently asked Sarah Drew if April will ever learn to filter her thoughts, and Sarah replied, "Probably not. Then she wouldn't be Kepner."

When another fan asked Sarah if April is aware how much she hurts Jackson's feelings, Sarah explained, "April speaks before she thinks. She's not good at editing herself. It makes her wonderfully honest, but sometimes insensitive."

What do you think: Should April learn to filter her thoughts more, or do you like her rambling?

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