When you think of Grey’s Anatomy’s titular character Meredith Grey and her portrayer, Ellen Pompeo, you don’t typically imagine a risqué Twitter picture. However, that may change once you see what she posted yesterday!

The 43-year-old actress (and mother!) posted this photo of her getting ready for The Ellen DeGeneres show on Friday (May 3), writing, “Hope you all watch Ellen. #aintgettinglammedupfornuthin. #shegetsalittlegangstaontwitter.”

She doesn’t mention why she’s topless and baring her back to the camera, and even the people next to her don’t seem to be doing anything more than applying makeup and touching up her hair. If she was getting a spray tan, we’d understand, but it seems a little nonsensical.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Ellen Pompeo Topless on Twitter

Regardless, Ellen has a rockin’ bod, so we aren’t complaining. She looks gorgeous and glamorous in the chair, her blond hair cascading over the chair behind her.

We have to say, though, this was a surprise. For someone who just joined Twitter and doesn’t tweet all too many pictures of herself, this was a combination of everything that celebs usually don’t do (that is, unless you’re a sex tape leak waiting to happen). Change approved, Ellen! Post as many pictures as you want, as naked as you care to be. 

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