Credit: Josephine Santos/Pacific Coast News Photo: Kevin McKidd Attends the Montblanc Charity Cocktail Party at Soho House in Los Angeles on March 6, 2010

Can’t get enough Grey’s Anatomy? Well, we can now see more of our favorite Seattle Grace surgeons in a new Grey’s web series ABC has launched. It looks like Shonda’s trying to stay hip to the times. ABC announced the new series, entitled Seattle Grace: Message of Hope, will stream online after each new Grey’s Anatomy episode airs on ABC from October 14th to November 25th. Kevin Mckidd (Dr. Owen Hunt) directed the six mini-episodes, which are 2-4 minutes in length each, and Shonda Rhimes proudly said he did a “wonderful job.” Rhimes adds, “The webisodes mainly follow Richard as he’s been tasked to come up with a way to restore the hospital’s public image after the shootings. You’ll see him working with his doctors to create ‘sizzle reels’ for the hospital. The results are pretty hilarious. I hope our fans will enjoy seeing the characters they’ve come to love in a new light.”

It sounds like the webisodes will bring back some comedy to Grey’s in light of the aftermath of the Season 6 shootout and is most likely inspired by the documentary-style episode of Grey’s Anatomy set to air this season. Check out to catch the first webisode in the series.


Credit: YouTube Photo: Grey's Anatomy Web Series, Seattle Grace: Message of Hope, Part 1