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Last night (March 21), Ellen Pompeo stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about Meredith's baby boy, her character's future, her real life relationship, and more.

Jimmy kicked off the interview with the big news about Meredith's baby boy. Being Jimmy Kimmel, he had a bold proposition for Ellen: "I would like to play your baby."

"Does that mean we get to cuddle?" Ellen joked back.

"You could change me and everything!" Jimmy responded.

Ellen agreed that this would also "spice things up" on Grey's, but somehow, we don't think Shonda Rhimes will go for it. Just a hunch.

After spending several minutes debating the merits of mini Jimmy Kimmel as the MerDer baby, Jimmy and Ellen moved on to other topics, like Ellen's husband Chris Ivery's love of basketball, what she gets Chris for his birthday ("sexual favors"!), Snoop Dogg Lion, and whether or not Meredith could ever get killed off ("This is Hollywood, Honey! It's cutthroat. They'll do anything.")

Check out the hilarious discussion of Jimmy as a baby below. Get the rest of the interview at the Jimmy Kimmel Live website.


Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live! Photo: Grey's Anatomy Baby: Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Play Meredith's Kid (VIDEO)