Grey's Anatomy’s Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) is more than just a gorgeous body with eyes that don’t quit. The actor proved that he has brains as well as looks when he called into the Current radio show yesterday to talk about his latest political efforts.

Jesse had just returned from Ohio, where he campaigned for Barack Obama and motivated people to cast their vote early. In the interview Jesse stressed just how special it is to have the right to vote.

He said he was “surprised” by the amount of apathy he saw in young people, and he wants everyone to know —  just imagine that those beautiful eyes are staring at you as he says this  “the popular vote does matter.”

So "whatever issue it is" that you care about, if you’re looking to make Jesse proud, today is the day to do it. We will leave you with some words from the man himself: “Make sure you vote.”

Did he just get sexier? We didn’t think it was possible.

For more from Jesse, listen to the whole interview below.

Credit: Current Photo: Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams Is Disappointed by Political Apathy (VIDEO)

Source: Current

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