Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Photo: Sarah Drew Shows off Her Bling at the 6th Annual DPA Pre-Emmy Gift Suite at The Sunset Tower Hotel on August 28, 2010
In a huge surprise last season, Sarah Drew's character, Dr. April Kepner was hired as a series regular after doing just a two-episode guest spot (during which, you may remember, Dr. Kepner got fired). How did she manage it? The veritable queen of guest starring actually did an episode of Private Practice as well as a pilot for Shonda Rhimes before she snagged the series regular job. The guest spot on Private Practice was the first time Drew worked with Shonda, but we're glad to see that she's settled. Drew, of course, has made appearances on a variety of hugely popular shows, including Mad Men, Miami Medical, and Glee, not to mention was a series regular on shows such as Everwood, and even the animated series Daria as the voice of Stacy Rowe. (Gosh, we miss you, Daria.)

So, which stint was Drew's fave? Unfortunately, not Daria (shocking, we know). "My favorite character was Suzy Pepper on Glee," says Drew. "She’s just so crazy and a nutcase. It was fun because I got to play her pretty broadly. My personality is bigger than what generally works on television. I really have to bring my energy in and become a subtler version of myself, but for Suzy, I was able to really be me." Wait a minute, so April is the toned-down version of Sarah? Yeesh.

With all those critically acclaimed shows under her belt, what's Drew holding her breath for? "I really wanted to go and do something on Friday Night Lights," she confesses. "That was my favorite show. There’s a new show with my friend Garret Dillahunt called Raising Hope...I’d love to be a guest on that." As long as she schedules it during her downtime on Grey's, we'll sign off. Dr. Kepner's just getting interesting — no vacations for Drew!

Source: Digital Airwaves

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