Credit: \Danny Feld/ Getty Images Photo: Season 7: These Arms of Mine
Who’s rocking their specialties and who's locking up? Find out in our latest Power Rankings:

Flatliner of the Week: Dr. Lexie Grey
The bad: She presumably cost a patient his life when she skirted the security checkpoint and sent the hospital into lockdown, trapping Jackson and the patient between two sets of double doors. And why was she on a coffee run anyway? Isn't that a task for an intern?
The good: She continues to be assertive? Oh wait, it's reading as obnoxious. Never mind.

Mediocre MD: Dr. Arizona Robbins
The good: She won the Carter Madison Grant for a noble cause, bringing both prestige and respect to a hospital starved for both.
The bad: She's moving to Africa? She's taking Callie with her? Doesn't she care about us viewers at all?

Top Doc: Dr. Alex Karev
The good: The man ate, breathed, and slept trachea all for the benefit of Lily. The man says he's not in Peds for the kids, but when you sing Bieber to keep a little girl calm, you're in it for the kids.
The bad: As a singer, he's not so awesome. Keep your day job, Karev.