Credit: Ron Tom/ Getty Images Photo: Meredith Grey, Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt
Who’s on top of their game and who little game left? Find out in our latest Power Rankings:

Flatliner of the Week:
Dr. Alex Karev
The good: At least he went home to Iowa to take care of his family...
The bad: ...but he did the bare minimum possible and then skeedaddled. Then he arrived at work late and hungover. Then he yelled at a child. Then he got romantic with April without any pretense of romance whatsoever. Then Avery punched him because of how he treated April. A real class act.

Mediocre MD: Dr. Derek Shepherd
The good: He was a rock star in the OR, as always, helping Teddy save the Middle Eastern leader's life. He also acted like a real friend to Cristina...
The bad: ...but in so doing, he ruined an intervention that probably would have done some real good and helped Cristina avoid her issues.

Top Doc: Dr. Teddy Altman
The good: She steeled herself against Derek's jerkfaciness, soothed a roomful of foreign dignitaries and diplomats, flirted with g-man Ronald, and nailed the heart surgery. (Save the world leader, save the world.)
The bad: Not a lot, eh?


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