A certain former Grey's Anatomy actress recently revealed that she hung out with a certain former Grey's Anatomy actor, and no, it wasn't Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery) and Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke), although that would have been totally bizarre and we would have loved to pass judgement. No, a much more likely duo caught up in the Big Apple — Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens) and TR Knight (George O'Malley)!

A fan tweeted asking Katherine if she ever saw her one-time BFF anymore, and she replied, "Yes we caught up in New York a few weeks back. He lives there now. I miss him."

If you remember, dear Grey's fans, the One For the Money actress stood by TR as he dealt with the whole Isaiah Washington gay slur debacle back in the day and the two became quite close. We're glad to see they're still hanging out! (And, just maybe, we're still crossing our fingers for a George ghostie comeback...)

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Source: Twitter

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