Credit: FayesVision/ Photo: Sarah Drew Looks Peachy As Ever

After a tumultuous few seasons both on-screen and off, the set of Grey's Anatomy seems to be back in the swing of peace and love. Sarah Drew dishes, "I have not witnessed a single meltdown or diva moment or anything! Everyone really, truly loves each other and you can tell. I couldn't be luckier!" She claims that she and Jesse Williams, the newest regulars, have been welcomed with open arms into a family that feels like they've lived together for seven years — a real life Casa Grey!

You'd be surprised to hear how the docs of Seattle Grace pass the time on set between takes. In their trailers reviewing medical jargon? Nope. Locked away in their dressing rooms by Shonda Rhimes to prevent spoiler leaks? Negative. They spend their downtime just like the rest of us — giggling over silly cat and baby videos and singing along to Bed Intruder Song. Says Drew, "A lot of times we're just looking at YouTube videos and laughing on set. The cast is all so wonderful and quirky and fun and delicious." We bet Patrick Dempsey's a huge fan of David After Dentist.

Source: US Magazine


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