Credit: James Breeden/Pacific Coast News Photo: Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane Film an Emotional Scene for Grey's Anatomy in Downtown Los Angeles on April 26, 2010

Shonda Rhimes loooves her Twitter. In one of the better uses of celebrity Twitter feeds, she basically exclusively uses it to answer fan questions. Lately, Shonda's been tackling rumors from panicked fans asking if the show is on an 8-season plan since the original actors are on an 8-season contract. (For those of you keeping track, that would mean we only have one more season after the current one to spend at Seattle Grace. Just as we pulled out of a 3-season long slump and things were getting good again...)

Shonda's official word on the subject? She tweets, "Sweeties, all of u r asking but I say: let's not worry about when or how GA may end. Might be 2 years, might be 10. Let's live in the now." That's optimistic. But when a fan asked if Grey's actors were leaving the show, Shonda replied, "Nope. Maybe two years from now but now? No." Hmm, sounds like we may get a revamped cast, which is a notoriously bad stunt for the success of long-running TV shows. And, of course, there's the whole we-have-to-keep-Meredith-around-because-her-name-is-in-the-title issue to work around.

What's a creator to do? We'd be sad if Grey's ended after next season, of course, but we think the most important thing is that it ends satisfyingly (read: not like LOST). Don't let us down, Shonda. (And maybe bring O'Malley back for some sort of flashback sequence? Please? We lost him too soon!)

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