Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Photo: A Bearded Isaiah Washington Arrives at the Dior Celebration of Fashion's Night Out on September 10, 2009

Grey's Anatomy's most controversial alum, Isaiah Washington, has finally emerged from under the professional rock he's been hiding and released a memoir entitled, A Man From Another Land: How Finding My Roots Changed My Life. No, his book doesn't touch upon his tumultuous acting career, but rather focuses on his quest to identify with his African roots.

In the book, he explains how, through DNA testing, he discovered he was descendant of the Mende people, who live in present-day Sierra Leone. The cover art paints him as an "award-winning actor, father, and philanthropist," and the book opens with a cute little story about his grandmother forcing him to stand up to his light-skinned bully tormentors at the age of six. Like all readable actor memoirs, Isaiah had some help — he collaborated with a co-author to crank out the oeuvre.

You can read the opening excerpt here. Not too shabby, but we're still holding a grudge after that comment he made about how he was kicked off the show because Dr. Burke was undermining Obama's presidential bid. Um, right.

Source: Today



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