Credit: Toby Canham/Getty Images Photo: James Tupper at Oceana's SeaChange Summer 2009 Party

Newest hunky doc to hit the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, James Tupper, has already earned a McNickname. Seattle Grace’s grief counselor will be dubbed McTreaty (because he’s a therapist who “treats” patients...ha...) in his 3-episode arc starting this Thursday on the season premiere. He reveals about his character, “I’m compassionate. I under­stand the doctors are all trying to do anything they can to get back on the operating floor, saying what they believe is the right thing that will get them that clearance."

Tupper had no trouble bonding with his counterparts, McDreamy and McSteamy, on set, bromancing it up with Patrick Dempsey over cars, and Eric Dane over Tupper’s flopped series Men In Trees. He says he hit it off with Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt) “in about three minutes” as well. Tupper chalks up the chummy working environment to the security the actors feel due to the success of the show. He says, “You feel like it’s a special environment, but all the actors are used to the attention and are good at handling it."

He’s totally impressed with the quality of the series, saying only great things about his first Grey’s experience: “They make the shows in eight days and I couldn’t believe it. To me, it plays like a movie. The director of [the finale] (Rob Corn) was the director of the first episode I was in and even he said he couldn’t believe how well it came out. It could have easily been cheesy, but the shooter came in and it was very real, very specific." Grey’s definitely suffered a slump after its first few seasons, but maybe we’re seeing a turn back to the days of yore, by which we mean episodes as brilliant as the bomb squad two-parter back in Season 2.

We hope nothing but the best for Season 7, premiering this Thursday on ABC.

Source: The Chronicle Herald


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