Credit: Rob Loud/Getty Images Photo: Kim Raver Helps Celebrate the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation's 18th Annual Magical Evening Gala on November 10, 2008
Unfortunately, it never came close to being televised, but in a recent interview, Kim Raver and Jesse Williams dished on a love scene they read together when Kim was six months pregnant! The scene was for Kim's character on Lipstick Jungle and the two read the steamy scene together while Jesse was still auditioning for the part. He didn't even realize she was pregnant, and Kim names it one of the most awkward acting experiences of her life. As for Jesse's most awkward experience? "My most awkward scene was probably in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants where I had to stand in front of a room of crew and extras...very very very close to naked. That was my first time being on a real set for a long time, and that was my way to break in," he jokes.

The two also dished on their Grey's hopes and dreams. Kim recently got her dream medical case written into the show (so, of course, she couldn't talk about it), but Jesse would like to see his character work on a medical anomaly story. Says Williams, "This one guy in India or South Carolina that has this freakish or incurable disease — those kinds of things I think are fascinating." He also digs wacky foreign object storylines, citing the two people who were skewered together by a metal rod in Season 5.

As for the docs they'd most like to switch roles with? Jesse would like to take a crack at playing Karev, while Kim wants to be Bailey. But both are quick to say that Chandra Wilson and Justin Chambers are doing great jobs of portraying their hardcore on the outside/gooey on the inside characters. We kind of like Dr. Avery's fumbling, gentle demeanor. McDreamy can't be the only nice guy in the hospital.

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