Credit: John Shearer/ Getty Images Photo: Jessica Capshaw Poses at the Fundraiser on April 20, 2011

We'll admit, generally speaking, it's unlikely to find two such hot femmes as Grey's Anatomy couple Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) in a relationship together in nature. It just doesn't seem to happen all that often. But, Jessica reveals that no one buys that she's a lesbian in real life, either. It's safe to assume that, if fans of the show (in a complete loss of brain function) blurt out medical questions to Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd), a fan or two might think that Jessica Capshaw is a lesbian in real life, since she plays one on TV. (Come on, most of those girls on The L Word are real lesbians...)

Now, granted, Sara Ramirez is probably the more believably gay of the two women, but sunshiny, sweet Jessica seems a little disappointed she's not getting any lady love on the streets.

"The ladies don't give me a glance," she mourned woefully on CBS's The Talk. When asked if she was ever mistaken for a lesbian, she replied, "Surprisingly not as much as I think you would think, because I think we watch television and we sort of come to understand characters as being real people. It's like if you saw Magnum P.I. on the street, you wouldn't think he was Tom Selleck, you'd think he was Magnum P.I. Same thing. But no."

Aww, well, we're pretty sure no ladies would ever kick you out of a lesbian bar if you decided to hang with the chicks one night. Chin up, Jess, we can't all exude Sapphic charm...

Source: TV Squad