Credit: Scott Garfield/ABC via Getty Images Photo: Owen Hunt Stares at the Gunman in Grey's Anatomy Season 6, Episode 24, "Death and All His Friends"

A creepy real-life reenactment of the Grey’s Anatomy Season Six finale shoot-out occurred last night at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. A man allegedly shot at a doctor in a hysterical rage after learning of his mother’s medical condition, after which he took a shot at his mother, and then killed himself. Even weirder? ABC had already slated the finale episode to air that night. In an effort to show sensitivity towards the gruesome Baltimore event, ABC aired the disclaimer "Due to today's news events and the depiction of graphic violence in the following program, viewer discretion is advised" before the episode ran. ABC also gave it’s Baltimore affiliate the option to run a different episode that night in light of the tragedy, but the station chose to air the finale with the disclaimer, anyway.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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