Credit: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images Photo: Jessica Capshaw Keeps it Casual at the Opening of the Stella McCartney Store in Beverly Hills on September 28, 2003

Shonda Rhimes dished to EW about what the deal is with Jessica Capshaw’s maternity leave. Arizona will take a two episode-break from Grey’s Anatomy, although how exactly she’s written off is being kept under wraps. Supposedly, there will be a Calzona bombshell dropped at the end of October 28th’s documentary-style Grey’s Anatomy episode that will explain a short absence.

Now, if you’ve done the math here, Capshaw will only have two weeks off for her maternity leave, but Shonda is confident in her ability to bounce back. Says Rhimes, “We’re basically playing it by ear. If she needs more [than two episodes], she’ll let me know. She’s not a new mother; she’s done this before. She feels like she’s in great shape and will be physically ready to come back almost immediately."

What a fierce little Mama! Shonda is quick to add, however, "If she needs some more time, we’re going to give her more time.” We’ve got to admit, Capshaw looks great for being about to pop. She seems to have gotten through the pregnancy without experiencing the transplanted jaw look Ellen Pompeo was sporting while she was preggers on the show.

Source: TV Fanatic


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