Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Photo: Kate Burton at the 63rd Annual Tony Awards

We recently reported that Grey's Anatomy will feature a very special alternate reality episode, where Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) reflects on what life could have been like if her mother, Ellis Grey, had never gotten Alzheimer's.

Does that mean we'll be treated to more Ellis on-screen? You betcha!

EW confirms that Kate Burton (Ellis Grey) will be returning for the episode. There aren't more details on what her role will be, but we're guessing her affair with Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) will play into it. And, of course, we'll hopefully see what her relationship with Meredith could have been.

Also coming back for this special episode: Kate Walsh (Addison Montomgery), who is sure to bring in some Derek (Patrick Dempsey) drama.

Whatever happens, it will definitely be interesting to see the domineering Ellis Grey stomping around the halls of Seattle Grace-Mercy West.

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Source: EW

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