Credit: Kerstin Alm/Getty Images Photo: Mandy Moore in the DPA Talent Lounge During the 6th Annual Dubai International Film Festival on December 11, 2009
Mandy Moore is slated to make a comeback on this season of Grey’s Anatomy. You may remember her from such finales as the Season 6 Seattle Grace shootout. She’s set to reprise her role as Bailey’s patient, Mary, this season, although no word has leaked yet on why she’s back. We’re betting she’ll send Bailey into total meltdown mode, though, inevitably bringing back memories of trying to keep the wounded Dr. Percy alive while the hospital was on lockdown. They, of course, couldn’t manage to pull him through, and he died in Bailey’s arms as Moore looked on. It would be a vintage Grey’s writing move to wait just long enough for the doctors to have moved on from the trauma of the shooting, only to bring all the memories flooding back with one patient.

Source: Times New World