MerDer is often thought of as the most epic and celebrated of all the Grey's Anatomy ‘ships. But someone just doesn’t buy it.

And that someone is Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) of all people! He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It's a bit of a leap of faith that he's stayed in the relationship after the damage she has done to his career and his credibility as a surgeon.”

Those are fighting words! However, it’s true that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has caused an incredible amount of damage to Derek’s reputation, by sleeping with him when she was his intern to completely ruining his chances to perform clinical trials for Alzheimer’s treatments at the end of Season 7 (Season 7, Episode 22: “Unaccompanied Minor”).

In retrospect, Patrick says, "I think that's very hard to take. There's too much water under the bridge that they could ever work together again."

Is Patrick suggesting that he thinks they should have just broken up after that trust was broken between them? If so, do you agree with him?

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Source: THR

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