Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) has been awfully busy in his free time. First he’s saving human lives, and now, he’s reportedly saving doggy lives too.

TMZ reports that P. Demps recently adopted two bulldog mixes named Daisy and Ginger. But the adorable black dogs were sisters, and “both alphas” at that. According to TMZ, “the two dogs were literally at each other's throats ... and Patrick [was] worried they might kill each other.”

Scary stuff! Apparently the pair were American Bulldog-Staffordshire Terrier mixes, and Patrick adopted Daisy and Ginger “from an animal rescue in Texas.” According to a source, the whole Dempsey family wanted to at least keep one of the pups, but decided they had a better chance of being adopted together.

At least that was until someone decided they wanted to adopt Ginger, meaning the Dempseys might still have a chance of adopting Daisy.

Fingers crossed for what could be the next addition to the family: Daisy Dempsey!

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Source: TMZ

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