After five seasons of Private Practice, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) will finally have a baby.

On last night’s Private Practice (Season 5, Episode 18: “It Was Inevitable”), Addison began the episode by trying to convince herself that motherhood wasn’t for her. But when she got the call from the hospital saying that a mother looking through an adoption book had chosen Addison to be her baby’s mother, it was clear that this was what Addison has always wanted.

Kate spoke to TV Guide about the big moment. “It's sort of along those lines of once you let go of wanting a kid, or wanting something, then it appears … I feel like Addison is finally getting to be a real adult with getting the baby.”

So how will this change the practice? Kate says, “She's still involved, but she's not as fever pitch involved.” And as for her relationship with Sam (Taye Diggs), Kate hints that “He seems to be pretty attentive for a guy that didn't want to be a dad again.”

Sounds like there is hope for those two reuniting after all.

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Source: TV Guide

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