Credit: Nikki Nelson/WENN Photo: Shonda Rhimes Arrives at the 41st NAACP Image Awards on Feburary 26, 2010

Had enough of Shonda Rhimes yet, following last season's flop Off the Map? Well, you’d better brace yourselves for more: The Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice creator has sold yet another pilot to ABC. (Keep in mind she also has a new drama about a PR firm starring Keri Washington titled Scandal premiering on ABC midseason.)

The new series is called Gilded Lillys and is actually a — wait for it — period drama! Now, before you roll your eyes thinking Shonda has gone the way of Pan Am and The Playboy Club in trying to rip off Mad Men and ride the 50s/60s nostalgia train all the way to the bank, Gilded Lillys takes place just a smidge earlier.

The show is set in 1895 New York, and follows the story of the first (ahem, obviously fictional) luxury hotel built in the city. The family who runs it, the employees who staff it, and the guests who pass through will be the focal point of the turn-of-the-century drama.

We don't hate it — let's put it that way. Any period piece nerds out there totally stoked and ready to change our minds?

Source: TV Line