Credit: WENN Photo: Derek Shepherd in Season 6, Episode 13, "State of Love and Trust"

ABC is hyping the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere tonight like crazy, releasing yet more sneak peeks of tonight’s episode. Derek appears to cope with the stress of his near-death experience with a need for speed. As in velocity. Not the drug. We see him zipping through Seattle in his McDreamy-mobile (a sleek, black SUV), and getting busted by the cops for reckless endangerment while he’s at it. Dempsey, who races cars as a hobby, makes the car chase look totally effortless, of course.

Apparently, Derek has been arrested a handful of times since the shooting, and Mer, tired of bailing him out, and fed up with the cops for failing to charge him because he’s saved so many men in blue, leaves him in jail the night of Owen and Cristina’s wedding to think about what he’s done. This, of course, leaves Owen without a best man, and who better to fill in than Cristina’s platonic soulmate, Meredith herself. Hmm, we’re not so sure that wasn’t her plan all along, but anyway...

Source: Gather Entertainment


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